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"Showtime"SAV239CD"Showtime"£13.00"Unforgettable"SAV267CD"Unforgettable"£13.00*Sinatra in Sequence* SAV245CD*Sinatra in Sequence* £13.00
Celebrations and Special OccasionsSAV152CDCelebrations and Special Occasions£13.00Country Style MixSAV176CDCountry Style Mix£13.00Dance My WaySAV227CDDance My Way£13.00
Dancin' Time '2'SAV230CDDancin' Time '2'£13.00Dennis Hayward plays "Billy Ternent"SAV 274CDDennis Hayward plays "Billy Ternent"£13.00Easy DancingSAV186CDEasy Dancing£13.00
Easy Dancing *10*SAV 280CDEasy Dancing  *10*£13.00Easy Dancing '2'SAV202CDEasy Dancing '2'£13.00Easy Dancing '3'SAV211CDEasy Dancing '3'£13.00
Easy Dancing '4'SAV219CDEasy Dancing '4'£13.00Easy Dancing '5' SAV237CDEasy Dancing '5' £13.00Easy Dancing *6*SAV244CDEasy Dancing *6*£13.00
Easy Dancing *7*SAV250CDEasy Dancing *7*£13.00Easy Dancing *8*SAV 265CDEasy Dancing *8*£13.00Happy DancingSAV132CDHappy Dancing£13.00
Happy Dancing '4'SAV210DHappy Dancing '4'£13.00Happy Dancing '5'SAV224CDHappy Dancing '5'£13.00Happy Dancing 2SAV181CDHappy Dancing 2£13.00
Happy Dancing for ChristmasSAV199CDHappy Dancing for Christmas£13.00Happy Dancing Vol. 8SAV194CDHappy Dancing Vol. 8£13.00Hawaiian ParadiseSAV195CDHawaiian Paradise£13.00
Introduction To OLD TIME DANCINGSAV263CDIntroduction To OLD TIME DANCING£13.00Introduction to SEQUENCE DANCINGSAV262CDIntroduction to SEQUENCE DANCING£13.00It's Sequence TimeSAV177CDIt's Sequence Time£13.00
JUBILEE CELEBRATIONSAV 382CDJUBILEE CELEBRATION£13.00King of the Road - 2SAV182CDKing of the Road - 2£13.00Let's DanceSAV190CDLet's Dance£13.00
Let's Dance "2"SAV 201CDLet's Dance "2"£13.00Let's Dance with Dennis Hayward & the Savoy OrchestraSAV128CDLet's Dance with Dennis Hayward & the Savoy Orchestra£13.00Let's Face the Music and DanceSAV221CDLet's Face the Music and Dance£13.00
Love is.... Foxtrot's & Saunter'sSAV349CDLove is.... Foxtrot's & Saunter's£13.00Music for AnytimeSAV 342CDMusic for Anytime£13.00Music For Old Time DancingSAV198CDMusic For Old Time Dancing£13.00
My Kind of MusicSAV222CDMy Kind of Music£13.00Old Time Championship DancingSAV183CDOld Time Championship Dancing£13.00Old Time Dancing - Ball of the YearSAV 380CDOld Time Dancing  -  Ball of the Year£13.00
Old Time Dancing - Silver AnniversarySAV 377CDOld Time Dancing  -  Silver Anniversary£13.00Old Time Dancing - Dance MastersSAV 378CDOld Time Dancing  - Dance Masters£13.00Old Time Dancing - Championship DancesSAV 381CDOld Time Dancing - Championship Dances£13.00
Old Time Set DancesSAV214CDOld Time Set Dances£13.00Quickstep's & Swing'sSAV 370CDQuickstep's & Swing's£13.00SAV 368CDSAV 368CDSAV 368CD£13.00
Save The Last Dance For MeSAV247CDSave The Last Dance For Me£13.00Sequence Time '4'SAV231CDSequence Time '4'£13.00Sequence Time *5*SAV255CDSequence Time *5*£13.00
Sequence Time 2SAV185CDSequence Time 2£13.00Sequence Time 3SAV193CDSequence Time 3£13.00Shall We DanceSAV218CDShall We Dance£13.00
Shall We Dance 2SAV174CDShall We Dance 2£13.00Showtime *2*SAV256CDShowtime *2*£13.00Sing-a-Long SequenceSAV215CDSing-a-Long Sequence£13.00
Strictly Ballroom '2'SAV204CDStrictly Ballroom '2'£13.00Strictly Ballroom No 1SAV203CDStrictly Ballroom No 1£13.00Strictly SequenceSAV225CDStrictly Sequence£13.00
Strike Up The BandSAV213CDStrike Up The Band£13.00Swinging SequenceSAV205CDSwinging Sequence£13.00Take Your PartnersSAV206CDTake Your Partners£13.00