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Showtime - Dennis Hayward. (All Tracks in Sequence)

Showtime - Dennis Hayward. (All Tracks in Sequence)


1.Rhumba - Don't Cry For Me Argentina

2.Rhumba - I Won't Send Roses

3.Rhumba - They Say It's Wonderful

4.Foxtrot - Oh!What a Beautiful Morning 

5.Foxtrot - On The Street Where You Live

6.Foxtrot - The Sound of Music 

7.Quickstep - If I Were a Bell

8.Quickstep - I Love Paris

9.Quickstep - If I Ruled the World 

10.Waltz - Hello Young Lovers 

11.Waltz - Baubles,Bangles & Beads 

12.Waltz - This Nearly Was Mine 

13.Tango - Somewhere

14.Tango - I've Never Been in Love

15.Foxtrot - Wouldn't it Be Luverly

16.Foxtrot - What Kind of Fool am I 

17.Foxtrot - Getting to Know You 

18.Cha-Cha - If I Were a Rich Man 

19.Cha-Cha - Lonely Goatherd 

20.Cha-Cha - Starlight Express 


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